Website for Behavior Therapy Company

Halo Behavioral Health had a one page website consisting of a densely worded mission statement.

Old Halo BH Website

Old HaloBH website

Although the current website displayed the company’s mission statement, the specific services they provide and the clients they serve were not defined.  Additionally, the company’s goal of furthering research into behavior analysis science and applying their results across a spectrum was not spelled out.

Working closely with the staff of Halo, we developed a nine page website that clearly explains the mission of the company, describes the services they provide, highlights their research, and serves as a tool for both gaining clients and recruiting staff and research associates.

Halo Mission Statement

New Halo BH Homepage

HaloBH homepage

Halo BH Services Page

The new Services page provides an extensive and attractive list of the services provided by the company.

HaloBH Services

Halo BH Research Page

The Research page introduces the primary research team  and provides a list of publications.

HaloBH Research