Re-Design of Cumberland Trails Conference Website

The Cumberland Trails Conference is a non-profit organization in Tennessee, devoted to building hiking trails connecting segments of The Cumberland Trail.

Although a valuable resource for hikers in Middle and East Tennessee, the Cumberland Trails Conference website was dated, unwieldy, and disorganized.

Using existing text and images, we transformed the website by implementing a modern WordPress theme and re-organized the pages to eliminate redundancy and to emphasize areas of strategic importance.

Old Cumberland Trails Conference Website

New Cumberland Trails Conference Website

Clickable Image Map

We placed a clickable image map on the home page.  Each segment of the trail is clickable so the user can easily find the page which describes each corresponding segment.

Trail Segment Grid

A clickable grid on the home page allows the viewer to see all the Trail Segments and each Section of the Trail.

Instagram Feed

The Cumberland Trails Conference has an active Instagram presence.  We incorporated the Instagram feed in the sidebars of the site to keep it current and remind people how beautiful the Tennessee wilderness is.

New Home Page