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How do we Put this thing together?

The First Meeting

The first thing we do is sit down with you and discuss what you want in a website as well as your social networking needs.

What audience are you looking to attract? Do you want a Facebook page? Will you promote yourself on Twitter or LinkedIn? Are you going to send out e-mail marketing campaigns?

We’ll help you set up a hosting account with a reputable hosting company at a reasonable price.  We won’t let them upsell you with stuff you really don’t need.

Website Themes

Next, we will look at various website themes to see which ones you like best for your business.

WordPress themes are so much fun – you can make your site look however you want and, when you want a new look, it is so easy (and fun) to change it. For example, look at these.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization begins on the first day – from the selection of your domain name ( for example, to the content decisions you make.

We will decide what pages you want on your site and what kind of content is appropriate for your business.



The words you use on your site are all-important.

The best way to attract search engines is to make sure you use keywords throughout your site.

We’ll talk about what types of keywords are important for your business and discuss ways to use them on your site.



We’ll set up email addresses for your business and your employees associated with your domain name (for example,


We’ll train you so you can update your website all by yourself.

Of course, you can always call us to do it but some people like to be able to control their content all by themselves and WordPress is the ideal platform for folks like them.


Meeting in real life or on the phone — we’re probably going to want some coffee.

Look at all these WordPress themes.  There are thousands to choose from.


Anything Else?

We can also help you with those computer annoyances that everyone experiences.

Need help getting your wireless internet up or working again? Can’t open that one document you really need on your computer?

We like to solve those problems for you.



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Disclosure: Wicked Moon Web Solutions gets a small kickback if you choose to use GreenGeeks to host your website.  However, we only recommend them because we have used them to our satisfaction on dozens of sites.