What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source platform used for making websites.  Although developed initially as a blogging platform, WordPress is an excellent avenue for companies to get online quickly and for non-web savvy clients to make their own changes to websites.

Why are so many small businesses using WordPress to power their websites these days?

WordPress Updates Easily

The number one reason – WordPress websites are easily updated by individuals with a minimum of web-related skills.  If you can use a word processor and email, you can make changes to your WordPress website.

WordPress is Search Engine Friendly

You’ve heard of Search Engine Optimization or SEO? WordPress websites are very search engine friendly.  Your website does you no good if people aren’t drawn to it by the search engines. Search engines LOVE WordPress sites.  Also, since it is easy to update your site, you can change it more often and that makes it more attractive to the search engines as well.

WordPress is Highly Customizable

WordPress is very versatile. You can add photo galleries, blogs, user input forms, all kinds of things. There is a thriving WordPress community producing hundreds of themes and plug-ins you can use to customize your site even further.

WordPress is Versatile

When you get tired of the look of your site, you can change it easily, while keeping the important content that you need.

WordPress is Affordable

Since websites go up quickly and you can make your own changes to the site when needed, the days when a multi-thousand dollar effort is required to update website style and content are over for most small businesses.

WordPress is Fun.

Just saying.